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Feature Articles from Practical Sailor A collection of articles and useful information from Practical Sailor
The Green Wire Controversy AC grounding.  ABYC electrical standards.
RF Interference Technical notes on solving RF interference problems by Jim Corenman, revised 10/14/99
Why do Boats Sink? An article on the website of Capt. Scott Thompson and Ocean Marine Services.  Includes tables of sinking causes and flooding rates.  Useful in planning for the worst.
Comparing Marine Battery Technologies - a Brief Introduction Here is an impartial resource to help you decide what lead acid battery technology is best for you: Flooded, Gel, or AGM.
The Sailing Foundation Anchor Tests, Puget Sound, 1995 On June 17 and 18, 1995 the Safety at Sea Committee of the Sailing Foundation conducted anchor tests on five selected sites on Puget Sound.  This is a good review of the major anchors and their performance. 

 Links to Important or Interesting Websites  Description
Blue Sea Systems Technical Briefs Lots of important articles on boat wiring. Blue Seas also makes excellent equipment and have great product support.
Brion Toss Rigging Brion is the rigger's rigger.  This website if full of great information and a terrific forum called SpartalkHe also has rigging tools, information, books and his own services for sale.
Yachttech Spars and Rigging Systems Yachttech is a leading manufacturer of aluminum sailboat masts, booms and rigging equipment . They are located in Sidney, B.C. Canada.  They manufacture an excellent tang bolt replacement/upgrade which can be obtained directly or through Brion Toss Rigging.  
Yacht Survey Online. Yacht surveyor D.H. Pascoe & Co. has dozens of good articles on yacht surveys.
OnlineMetals.com This is THE place to purchase small quantities of stainless or bronze plate or tubing.  They cut it to the size you want, ship it wherever, and the prices are very low.  Located in Seattle.
La Fiell Masts Most of the KP44's have La Fiell masts and many of the parts are still available.  It is interesting that the KP44 mast height was apparently an option and varies from boat to boat.
Zephyrwerks — The Sheave Factory Custom Black Acetal (Delrin) sheaves for replacing masthead sheaves.
Parts4Engines.com Manufacturer of replacement parts for Perkins Engines
Marine SSB Single Sideband Simplified Gordon West's complete book online.  From ICOM.
Guide to Cordage & Colors This page at Hall Spars website covers Samson, New England Ropes, Yale and other manufacturers.
Boatkeeper University of Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory agent Terry Johnson in Homer, offers suggestions in this series called Boatkeepers.  Aimed at fishing boats, but there are some great articles of interest to sailing vessel owners.
BucValue´┐Ż What's your boat really worth?  Try this site for used boat prices and evaluations.  The results may not be very valid anymore -- (see The Inside Scoop on Boat Prices by Richard Meeks, F46 owner).

Peterson Cutter Web Sites  Description
Tainui #1 F46 Tainui's logs of cruising from Australia to Russia by legendary skipper John Vallentine.
Tulum III KP44 Tulum III's new website of the adventures of Rudolph and Elisa Andrae.
Weta Weta's is a Wallis-Peterson 44 (formerly a KP44) being totally rebuilt in Auckland, NZ
Emerald KP44 Emerald's blog. Colin 'Skip' Wright and Nichola Wright are sailing in the UK
Beatrix Refit Jeff Stander's online documentation of the voyaging and refitting refitting of his KP44.
Log of the Moira Research Expedition to the South Pacific aboard the KP44 Moira
Redwings Website Aaron Henderson and Colleen Duggan are owners of a Formosa 46 and have extensively documented their boat and sailing adventures.
Sea Gnome Website 's KP44 (Hull #202, 1978) is Nuevo Vallarta, MX.

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