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This is a new or replacement linear drive for almost any automatic pilot.  This actuator has been installed in at least 4 Peterson Cutters.  It is very strong and reliable, having only 3 moving parts in the pump.  Octopus now has a new product which has a remotely mounted motor and longer hoses.  This allows the noisy pump to be located elsewhere (e.g. the engine room).  Beatrix hase reconfigured her Octopus Actuator 14 foot hoses to do just this.  

The Octopus Linear Actuator is made by Octopus Products 660 Derwent Way, Annacis Island, Delta, BC CANADA, V3M 5P8.  Phone: (604) 525-0471.  Fax: (604) 540-3650.  E-mail:
Left: Octopus "New Concept" Model 1212RAR12 38mm Linear Actuator<
Right: Octopus original Model 1212LAM12 38mm Linear Actuator. This is the correct size for the P44.

For more information see the following pages:
  1. Octopus Drives Home Page (Web Page)
  2. Installation Guide for 38mm Linear Drive (Adobe PDF File)
  3. Sketch of Installation on Beatrix (Web Page, 1.2 KB,
    Jan 07 2016 05:14
    ) (as shown in photo below).
  4. Concept diagrams of remote pump. (Web Page, 3.7 KB,
    Jan 01 1970 00:00
  5. KP44 Steering Data (Web Page, 27.8 KB,
    Jan 08 2022 04:45
    ) Empirical data on rudder and wheel torque at speed.



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