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Excerpts from mailing list threads and field notes from owners and cruisers.

  1. Inner Forestay Deck Attachment & Reinforcement
  2. Steering gear data from Beatrix
  3. Water Tank Replacement on ResoluteJim Noe explains his project.
  4. Cutless™ Bearings
  5. Removing the Rudder
  6. Redwings' Sail Trim Strategy
  7. Octopus Hydraulic Linear Actuator
  8. Checklist for your steering system
  9. Passage's Galley Modifications
  10. Fuel Tanks
  11. KP44 Beatrix Refit Site
  12. Folding Companionway Step.  A clever idea for easy access to the reefer box.
  13. Installation of the Cape Horn Wind Vane on Canopus
  14. Rudder shaft exposed on Canopus.
  15. Forward Chainplate Corrosion.
  16. Rebuilding The Rudder Greg Rogers on KP44 Second Sally tells you how.
  17. Rebuilding The Rudder on Persistence.  Tom and Wendy Hoffman's rudder fix.
  18. Fixing Hull Seams.  Filling the voids on Persistence and Aventura.
  19. Raw Water Pumps for Perkins 4-154

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