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Cruising World Boat Review: Peterson 44
Stainless Steel Corrosion
The Inside Scoop on Boat Prices

Boat Improvements

s/v Beatrix Push Latch Replacement Details

Boats and Equipment for Sale

Boat for Sale - KP44 Bonnie Day
Boat for Sale - KP44 Pu'uhonua
Peterson Cutter - Boats for Sale
Peterson Cutter - Listing a Boat for Sale

Data Tables

Decimal to Fractional Conversion Tables
Stainless Steel Wire Data

Deck and Standing Rigging

Forward Chainplate
Ground Tackle Drag Force
Inner Forestay Deck Attachment and Reinforcement
Mast Pulpits
Mast Pulpits Original Design Page
Tang Replacement


2007 Balmar Product Guide (Adobe PDF File, 1.5 MB)
A Critical Assessment of the US Code for Lightning Protection of Boats IEEE (Adobe PDF File, 727.5 KB)
AC Power Differences (Web Page)
Amsteel Specifications (Adobe PDF File, 53.1 KB)
Article From Blue Water Sailing On Kp44 1998 (Adobe PDF File, 347.8 KB)
Boating And Lightning Protection (Adobe PDF File, 248.3 KB)
Brion Toss Tuning Tips (Web Page)
Carol Hasse KP44 Sail Plan (Adobe PDF File, 133.7 KB)
Chainplates (Visio Drawing Document, 730.5 KB)
Chainplates (ZIP File, 893.6 KB)
Chainplates (Adobe PDF File, 210.3 KB)
Check steering (Web Page)
Cone Of Protection From Lightning (Adobe PDF File, 76.6 KB)
Cruising Sails Mainsails (Carol Hasse) (Adobe PDF File, 88.6 KB)
Cruising Sails Roller Furling Headsails (Carol Hasse) (Adobe PDF File, 89.4 KB)
DC Voltage Drop Calculator (Excel File, 41 KB)
Discussion of Cutless Bearings (Adobe PDF File, 68 KB)
Don Casey on Lightning Protection (Adobe PDF File, 4.1 MB)
Doorlatch (larger images) (ZIP File, 3.1 MB)
Doorlatch (smaller images) (ZIP File, 834.6 KB)
Dripless Shaft Seals (Passagemaker May 2007) (Adobe PDF File, 323.1 KB)
Drive System Alignment (Adobe PDF File, 254.2 KB)
Electrical Conductivity Of Materials (Web Page)
Ford Lehman All Manuals (ZIP File, 5.1 MB)
Ford Lehman Base Parts (Appendix A) (Adobe PDF File, 1.7 MB)
Ford Lehman Marinized Parts (Appendix B) (Adobe PDF File, 1.3 MB)
Ford Lehman Operators Manual (Adobe PDF File, 2.4 MB)
Formosa 46 Backstay Plate and Chainplates (by Ralph Ferges) (MS Word Document, 1.7 MB)
Formosa 46 Backstay Plate and Chainplates (by Ralph Ferges) (Adobe PDF File, 1.4 MB)
Galley Stove Service (Adobe PDF File, 1.7 MB)
Green Wire Controversy (Adobe PDF File, 57.4 KB)
GROCO Seacocks (Adobe PDF File, 50.1 KB)
Grounding Counterpoise (Gordon West Chapter8) (Adobe PDF File, 495.9 KB)
HF Radio Broadcasts Of Marine Weather Forecasts And Warnings (Adobe PDF File, 33.2 KB)
HF Radio Broadcasts Of Marine Weather Forecasts And Warnings (MS Word Document, 51.5 KB)
ISOLA (Adobe PDF File, 4.7 MB)
John Deere Model 134 F80 Datasheet (Adobe PDF File, 1.1 MB)
KP44 Original Sales Brochure (Adobe PDF File, 1.7 MB)
KP44 Original Wiring Diagram (1 Pg) (Adobe PDF File, 1.4 MB)
KP44 Original Wiring Diagram (4 Pgs) (Adobe PDF File, 1.4 MB)
KP44 Polars (ZIP File, 650.8 KB)
KP44 Polars (Adobe PDF File, 694.9 KB)
KP46 Original Sales Brochure (Adobe PDF File, 311.7 KB)
Lighning Protection Procedures (MAS newsletter spring2001) (Adobe PDF File, 65 KB)
Lightning And Sailboats by Florida Sea Grant (Adobe PDF File, 1.2 MB)
Lightning Strikes Onboard (Adobe PDF File, 74.2 KB)
Lugger L1064 Series Datasheet (Adobe PDF File, 1 MB)
Marine Grounding Systems (Adobe PDF File, 633.7 KB)
Marine Grounding Systems (Web Page)
Marine Grounding Systems (MS Word Document, 146.5 KB)
Mastering The A Sail (Sailing Magaine Aug 2004)) (Adobe PDF File, 2.9 MB)
Mastpulpit (larger images) (ZIP File, 2.3 MB)
Mastpulpit (smaller images) (ZIP File, 873.9 KB)
My Boat by Sharon Smallwood (Crusing Helmsman July 2007) (Adobe PDF File, 1.3 MB)
Octopus Hydraulic Linear Actuator (Adobe PDF File, 36.2 KB)
P&B Programmable Timer&Counter Relay (Adobe PDF File, 49.1 KB)
Perkins 4-154 Manuals (ZIP File, 15.9 MB)
Perkins 4-154 Parts Manual (Adobe PDF File, 2.6 MB)
Perkins 4-154 Shop Manual (Adobe PDF File, 13.6 MB)
Perkins Raw Water Pump (Sherwood H5) (Adobe PDF File, 189.4 KB)
Peterson Cutter Group -- Documents Page (Web Page)
Peterson Cutter Plans and Drawings (Web Page)
Prop Calculation Spreadsheet (Excel File, 37 KB)
PYI Max- Prop Price List 2006 (Adobe PDF File, 58.1 KB)
PYI Max- Prop Recommendation Sheet (Adobe PDF File, 245.4 KB)
PYI PSS Brochure (Adobe PDF File, 205.7 KB)
Raw Water Pumps Used on Perkins 4-154 Diesel Engines (Web Page)
Redington Model53 LCD Hour Meter (Adobe PDF File, 145.5 KB)
Redington Model53 LCD Totalizer (Adobe PDF File, 138.5 KB)
Redwings Repower Data Worksheet (Excel File, 16.5 KB)
Refrigeration Refit on Shadowfax (by Charles Moorhead) (Adobe PDF File, 904.9 KB)
Refrigeration Refit on Shadowfax (by Charles Moorhead) (MS Word Document, 9.9 MB)
Reid Tool Supply Stainless Catalog (Adobe PDF File, 10.6 MB)
Rig Breaking Strengths (Adobe PDF File, 25.8 KB)
Rode And Anchor Drag Spreadsheet (Excel File, 50 KB)
Running Rigging Diagrams (Adobe PDF File, 210.7 KB)
Sailnet Article17 Nov03 (Web Page)
Scuba Tank Holders from Max Holding Systems (Adobe PDF File, 1.7 MB)
Sea Esta (Article From Lats And Ats May 2005) (Adobe PDF File, 984.2 KB)
Seawater Grounding For HF Radios by Gordon West (MS Word Document, 59.5 KB)
Seawater Grounding For HF Radios by Gordon West (Adobe PDF File, 114.4 KB)
Selden Single Line Reefing Instructions (Adobe PDF File, 421.7 KB)
Setting A Safety Perimeter (SAIL Magazine Sep2009) (Adobe PDF File, 655.5 KB)
Sizing A Sailboats Anchor Chain (Excel File, 50.5 KB)
Solving RF Interference Problems (Adobe PDF File, 106 KB)
SSB HF Radio Applications In Modern Sailing Vessels (Adobe PDF File, 386 KB)
SSB HF Radio Applications in Modern Sailing Vessels (by Eric Steinberg) (MS Word Document, 66 KB)
SSB HF Radio Applications in Modern Sailing Vessels (by Eric Steinberg) (Adobe PDF File, 47.9 KB)
Stalking The Bluefin Tuna (Ten Days On A Japanese Longliner 1994) (Adobe PDF File, 47.9 KB)
Tabbing Bulkheads to the Hull and Deck (MS Word Document, 39 KB)
Tabbing Bulkheads to the Hull and Deck (Adobe PDF File, 21.1 KB)
Testing Fasteners Embedded With Epoxy (Adobe PDF File, 109.1 KB)
There Is No Magic To Lightning Protection (Adobe PDF File, 30.9 KB)
Tips for SSB (Adobe PDF File, 15.7 KB)
TTspec (MS Word Document, 998 KB)
TTspec (Adobe PDF File, 189.7 KB)
Turning Block Mount Bracket (drawing) (Adobe PDF File, 147.9 KB)
Understanding Lightning Protection (Adobe PDF File, 170.8 KB)
Velvet Drive Installation Manual (Adobe PDF File, 1 MB)
Velvet Drive Manuals (ZIP File, 9.3 MB)
Velvet Drive Service Manual (Adobe PDF File, 5.7 MB)
Volvo Penta D275 Datasheet (Adobe PDF File, 694.4 KB)
Water Tank Replacement (Power Point, 2.5 MB)
Watermakers (Pacific Fishing Sept 1999) (Adobe PDF File, 77.7 KB)
Westerbeke 64A Datasheet (Adobe PDF File, 368.2 KB)
Which Winch (MS Word Document, 68.5 KB)
Which Winch (Adobe PDF File, 164.2 KB)
Winch Analysis (Web Page)
Winch Analysis Spreadsheet (Excel File, 204.5 KB)
Winch Analysis Spreadsheet (ZIP File, 66.1 KB)
Wire Sizing Chart (Excel File, 41 KB)
Yanmar 4JH3-TE Datasheet (Adobe PDF File, 552.4 KB)

Electrics: AC and DC systems, Gensets, Solar, Windpower, etc.

Boat Wire Technical Data

Electronics: Radio, RADAR, Sounders Navigation, Computer, Stereos, etc.

Ham Radio Nets
Ham Radio Nets

Engines: Repair, Repower, Maintenance

Repower Page

External Links

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Fuel Tanks

Beatrix Refit - Starboard Tank Replacement
Fuel Tank Design & Installation
Fuel Tank Design and Replacement
Removing Fuel Tanks
Testing a Fuel or Water Tank


KP44 Hinged Companionway Step

Group Business and Website

Choosing a Good Password
Peterson Cutter Website - Welcome
Peterson Cutter Website Search Page
Peterson Cuttter Links Page

Hull and Fittings

Fixing Hull Seams

Lightning and Lightning Protection

Grounding Your Vessel - Articles & Ideas
Lightning Protection - ABYC Recommendations
Lightning Protection - Air Terminals
Lightning Protection on Sailboats

Lists and Links

Peterson Cutter Owners' Notes From the Field

Mechanical: Props and Shafts

Cutless™ Bearings


Navigation Lights for Peterson Cutters

Photo Gallery

Peterson Cutter Photo Gallery

Rudder Problems and Repairs

Crevice Corrosion on Rudder Shaft
KP44 Persistence - Rudder Repairs
Peterson Cutter Web Site - Rebuilding the Rudder
Removing the Rudder on the Kelly-Peterson 44
Rudder Failure and Rebuild
Rudder Repairs on the KP44

Running Rigging

Sheet Loadings for a Typical Peterson 44


Lightning Protection - Lightning and Boats

Sailing Methods and Techniques

Redwings' Sail Trim Strategy

Sails and Sailing Systems

Kelly-Peterson 44 Polar Diagrams
Sail Plan for BEATRIX by Carol Hasse

Specifications, History, Plans and Diagrams

Kelly-Peterson 44 Hull Identification Number
Kelly-Peterson 44 Specifications
Photos of the KP46

Steering Systems, Windvanes, Autopilots

KP44 Steering System Data
Octopus "Universal" Remote Linear Actuator Concept - KP44 Installation
Octopus Linear Actuator - Additional Installation Photos
Octopus Linear Actuator - KP44 Installation
Octopus Linear Actuator - Sketch of Original Installation on Beatrix

Tips and Techniques

Tips and Techniques


F46 Shadowfax Refrigeration Project
Galley Modifications On KP44 Passage
KP44 Passage

Water Tanks and Watermakers

Water Tank Replacement Page 1